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I would like to add plants to my home landscape. What should I bring with me make the right choices?


We’re prepared to help no matter how much you know about your yard but here are a few things to bring along that will help with the process.

  1. A photo of the area. (Preferably on a piece of paper so we can help you take notes about planting locations)

  2. Write down the length and width of each planting area.

  3. Know how much sun your planting area gets and at what time of day. (Click Here for a great article about determining sun in your garden!)

Knowing the answers to these questions help us determine what will work well for your home and skill level.

I love planters around my home but I don't want to plant them myself.  Can you help?

Absolutely! In the fall of 2020 we introduced our sister business Southern Garden Container Designs.  Speak to Hannah or Wendy at the garden center to set up a consultation!  We are happy to plant your pots if you bring them to the Garden Center but we specialize in planting at your home!  We can even help you choose a decorative pot in a size that fits your space if needed.  Each season we design and plant arrangements that fit your design taste based on sunlight and your level of commitment.

I need mulch or stone for my landscape beds but I have no idea how much to buy.  Can you help?

We sell bulk material by the cubic yard scoop (or half scoop if that's all you need!). Ultimately we leave the decision of how much to purchase up to you but click here for more information about calculating mulch amounts.


I need a gift, stat! Can you help?

Of course we can! We cary a huge variety of gifts! Everything from baby items, jewelry, clothing, home decor, garden tools, gourmet food, wine and more!  We can help you choose something in your price range and get it gift-ready. Swing by on your way to the festivities and we’ll make sure you’re the best guest!

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