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When it comes to mulching your landscape beds, we are your one stop shop!  We sell double ground hardwood mulch by the cubic yard scoop (or half scoop if that's all you need!).

You can choose from Natural (non-dyed), Dyed Brown, Dyed Black or Dyed Red.

Here are a few helpful hints when it comes to spreading mulch:


  1. Landscape Fabric: Placing landscape fabric under your mulch will not completely eliminate weeds from germinating but can help reduce the amount of weeds that come up in your mulch.  It also helps to keep your mulch or stone from sinking into the ground and disappearing over time

  2. New Bed Areas: Beds that are being mulched for the first time should have 2-4" of fresh mulch.  First, killing grass or weeds, next use a bed edger to create crisp bed edges, lastly, till and smooth soil before planting and/or spreading mulch.  

  3. Mulching around plants: One of the biggest mulching mistakes we see is TOO MUCH mulch around the base of trees and shrubs.  Be sure to leave 1-2" clear around the base of plants, especially the root collar of trees.  The root collar (or root flare) is the area at the bottom of the tree that transitions from trunk to roots.  When this part of a plant is covered with mulch, it can result in retained moisture which can cause roots to grow tight around the base of the tree (girdling roots) or cause the trunk to rot ultimately killing the plant.

Mulch Calculator


Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how much mulch to purchase but here are some helpful calculators to help you decide:

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